Top 3 Carry Champions for Mid

Ahri: Very consistent mage that has everything to survive in lane with her sustain, CC and wave clear. She mostly wants to survive until level 6 and then be able to get solo kills on mid or roam a lot since her ult gives huge mobility after that point of the game.

The Nine-Tailed Fox is an excellent champion to carry because she is perfect at doing solo aggressive plays with her strong pick potential, it’s really easy to get ahead playing Ahri, and if things go wrong while making a pick on the champion you wanted, you can always use your ult to run away.

In fights, it’s almost impossible to stop her as you will be going with everfrost giving her more CC to be easier to land abilities and making you harder to kill. If you’re ahead in the game you can pretty much one-shot most of the enemies without even casting your ultimate.

Vex: Another control Mage that roams a lot, except this one is a little harder to pull off since you don’t have any escapes, however, you can one shot waves with only 2 abilities and you counter most of the meta champions with your passive fear.

Able to almost one shot champions in any roam after level 6, Vex causes too much pressure and fear on the map as she is a really fast champion that can turn most of the fights to her side if she lands a good ultimate and W.

Her lane harassment is really strong as if she lands an ability with her passive up she deals tons of damage even in the first levels, this gives her a good value since she can get priority on waves and rotate faster if her jungler needs help either defending jungle or attacking enemy jungle.

There’s not many counters to this champion in the current meta so that gives her more chances to carry games since there isn’t much competition to stand a chance out there.

Qiyana: This is probably the strongest champion in the game if picked by the right hands. Melee assassin champion that can outplay opponents like no other champion in the game and it’s able to get tons of solo kills in lane or with picks in jungle.

She’s able to execute 70% health to most of enemies in lane after level 3 giving her huge leads that she can transition to other lanes by snowballing. She is squishy and hard to play, however she has so many options with her 3 elements and her variety of combos that she ends up being unpredictable and unstoppable.
After level 6  skirmishes and team fights becomes a joke to Qiyana, as her ultimate is able to engage or follow up with high burst damage and CC for everyone in the enemy team, especially around objectives where you get more terrain to get as much ultimate hitbox as possible.

You should try any of the champions above, they are all very pleasing champions to play and you won’t regret playing them!

That’s it for our top 3 strongest carry champions for mid lane in League Of Legends, don’t forget to share our article and discuss it with your friends!

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