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Tracer is considered one of the toughest characters to play in Overwatch 2. As the hero with the lowest HP (150), mastery of Tracer demands a sharp sense of the game. Master her skills, but keep in mind that becoming a skilled Tracer takes time and practice. Use this brief guide to take a step closer to Tracer expertise.


Tracer, though not a new hero in Overwatch 2, is one of the most intriguing DPS heroes in the game. This rundown covers Tracer’s abilities and when to use them (or avoid them):


Tracer’s Pulse Pistols dealt 6 damage per bullet in Overwatch 1, but in Overwatch 2, they inflict 5 damage per bullet. This is the only change to Tracer’s abilities. With all shots hitting, they deal 200 damage to the body and 400 to the head. To effectively land shots, stay within close range of the enemy, as the gun’s spread increases greatly at 12 meters. However, be cautious of approaching too close, as the fast-paced action in Overwatch 2 makes it difficult to track a close-up opponent. The sweet spot for shooting is around 6-10 meters.

BLINK Blink is Tracer’s signature move in Overwatch 2. It allows her to teleport 7.5 meters ahead in the direction she is moving, with 3 charges and a 3-second cooldown per charge. Use Blink wisely in combat, for example, to dodge enemy abilities, damage, or break line of sight. Tracer players who are just starting out might waste their blinks by rushing to their target and leaving themselves no way out. Instead, try to conserve blinks for the fight or for a retreat.


With Recall, Tracer rewinds 3 seconds back to her previous location and health status. It is a lifesaver, similar to other defensive abilities in Overwatch 2. Use Recall when near death or when losing a fight. However, the best strategy is to avoid using it at all to maintain constant pressure on the enemy. Knowledge of the location of health packs in Overwatch 2 maps is also crucial, as your healers may not always be able to reach you.


Tracer’s ultimate ability is Pulse Bomb. It sticks to any surface it lands on and deals a maximum of 350 damage. The standard Tracer combo is to throw the bomb and then recall back for safety. Alternatively, consider dashing away instead of recalling for a higher chance of survival. Saving Recall allows Tracer to maintain pressure on the enemy. To increase the probability of a successful stick, target a tank hero in Overwatch 2, as their larger hitbox makes it easier to stick the bomb. This requires teamwork and planning, as it will not take out the tank in one hit from full HP. It may be challenging to stick the bomb onto a squishy target due to their smaller hitbox, but participate in Tracer workshops offered by the Overwatch community to improve your accuracy.

THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Tracer is not frequently seen at lower levels of play because of the ease of death in Overwatch 2. However, as you progress through the Overwatch ranking system, this hero will become more prevalent, including in the Overwatch League. The journey of a Tracer main may be challenging, but the payoff is worth it.

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