A new map rotation and impending balancing improvements are discussed in the Overwatch 2 post-launch dev blog.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 team has written a blog post analyzing the first week of player feedback.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, including hero balancing, the new map rotation mechanism, and the plethora of bug patches implemented in the first week. The next big patch, introducing even more adjustments, will go live on October 25. Even so, Blizzard is keeping a close eye on a wide variety of data in the interim.

The developers have said that the current success rates of most heroes are within a healthy range (between 45% and 55%). While this is encouraging, it does not mean more adjustments cannot be done. The post suggested that Doomfist would require a boost and that Genji might get nerfed at the start of season two. Sombra, who some players have argued may be overly harsh against tanks, is also being monitored closely by the team. Indirectly weakening Genji, removing the damage role passive might happen as well.

Like many other live-service games, Overwatch 2 features a map rotation. Starting with this season and continuing into future seasons, the development team wants to enhance existing maps while giving new maps a chance to shine by introducing them at varying points in the rotation. The blog mentioned Rialto as an out-of-rotation map that was upgraded to provide somewhat more environmental protection to compensate for the drop in tanks’ shield capability. Both Quick Play and Competitive will be affected by the rotation. All maps will be available for use in both arcade and custom matches.

Last but not least, Blizzard elaborated on the latest issue patches it has implemented. The development team has released a patch that includes a remedy for the “Bronze 5” problem that has been affecting many Competitive players. The developers want to address rubber banding and other bugs that have plagued players since launch in an upcoming version. Despite being fixed, flaws still prevent players from using Torbj√∂rn and Bastion in Competitive (and Quick Play for Bastion).

Here’s the blog post https://overwatch.blizzard.com/en-us/news/23865965/

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