Overwatch 2 Season 3 what to expect

As an enthusiastic tracker of battle passes, you’ve probably recognized that the third season of Overwatch 2 is soon to arrive. The 80 levels of voice lines and cosmetics will be refreshed, and a host of game-altering modifications will shake things up. And, with any luck, we’ll receive some new maps along the way.

Season two brought about various modifications to characters and locations, and the current game state has once again shifted following additional changes to the system. Season three is likely to have a number of patches and updates that will continue to alter the game’s balance.

However, are there any clues as to what’s in store? Will Sojourn continue to be a go-to choice for damage dealers? It’s impossible to know for certain what the future holds, but we do have an idea of some upcoming adjustments that could shift the balance of the game.

What changes can we expect in Overwatch 2 Season 3?

It appears that tanks will be the focus of the upcoming season’s changes. Reinhardt may be one of the tanks that receives some modifications in season three. According to Alec Dawson, Overwatch’s lead hero designer, Reinhardt’s hammer-swinging “Firestrike” ability may be altered in some way.

Rammattra’s ultimate ability may be changed or removed, with the newly introduced tank potentially facing changes that could “limit” aspects of the health-draining, punch-heavy ability.

Ultimate charge regeneration is also under review according to Dawson. Currently, players can switch between characters and retain 30% of their ultimate charge, which in the upcoming season, may be removed.

Another change will be to each tank’s health. This health reduction will only be outside of role queue but will make tanks easier to deal with in-game modes other than competitive.

We’ll likely see a series of hints and announcements while season two is still active. Only two weeks remain until the next update, and you’ll have to enjoy the meta you have now because it could be completely different when season three drops.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 is expected to begin on Tuesday, Feb. 7

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