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Overwatch 2 is now in its third season, yet the team-based hero shooter still requires further balancing to achieve perfection. Whenever the meta changes, a new champion rises to claim the title of best hero in their respective class.

Subsequently, the game undergoes patches and nerfs that fundamentally shift the gameplay. But, a few heroes always manage to remain at the top of the hierarchy. To determine the best picks, this article relies on the insights of a Dot writer, in addition to data from tracking websites such as Overbuff and the Overwatch League. So, who are the most effective heroes to help your team achieve its objectives? Who can wield the most power on the battlefield?

Here are the top three damage heroes to consider playing in Overwatch 2 at present.


Despite receiving two rounds of nerfs, Sojourn remains one of the top damage heroes in Overwatch 2. Her popularity in the Overwatch League is a testament to her versatility and unique combination of mobility, power, and area-of-effect damage. Sojourn’s railgun is an especially powerful weapon, with its secondary fire mode adding to its effectiveness.

Fans were thrilled when Sojourn was introduced with her railgun gameplay, and her abilities have lived up to the hype. Players who are accustomed to Soldier: 76’s playstyle will feel at home with Sojourn. She has an escape mechanism in her Power Slide ability, which comes in handy when facing tough situations or being targeted by pesky Tracer or Mei players.

Sojourn is also an excellent candidate for Ana’s ultimate ability, Nano Boost. With Nano Boost, the damage Sojourn deals is increased, while the damage she takes is reduced by half. This makes her almost invincible in combat.

If you’re looking for a damage hero, Sojourn is a great choice. She is a strong and easy-to-understand hero, and her unique DPS style provides a refreshing experience for returning players to the Overwatch franchise.


Tracer has always been a popular pick in Overwatch, and for good reason. Her kit is simple yet effective, consisting of two rapid-fire pistols, a high-speed movement ability, and Recall, which allows her to go back to where she was three seconds ago. While Tracer may seem easier to play compared to other DPS characters with more complicated kits, her skill ceiling is still incredibly high. To become a skilled Tracer player, you need to be aware of your surroundings and track them effectively.

Tracer is most effective when she has multiple paths to sneak around and plan her attacks. When positioned correctly in hallways, Tracer can eliminate her targets with ease.

Tracer’s kit has remained largely unchanged since 2016, so players haven’t had to relearn her playstyle in the way they have with other heroes.

Whether you’re a new or experienced player, playing as Tracer in Overwatch 2 is an exciting experience. While she may not be as powerful as she was during the end of season one due to a bug affecting her falloff damage, she’s still an excellent all-around pick. Focus on tracking your targets, and you’ll quickly become a force to be reckoned with as Tracer in ranked games.


Genji has always been a dominant hero in the Overwatch franchise, known for his quick mobility, powerful attacks, and the potential to carry a game single-handedly. During the dive meta of the original Overwatch, he was a flank hero to be feared. What makes Genji so appealing is his versatility, as he can fill multiple roles effectively.

Like Tracer, Genji’s mobility makes him difficult to hit for precision heroes like Ashe and Widowmaker. His Deflect ability allows him to deflect most projectiles thrown his way, and he can easily maneuver around most other heroes. While he was once vulnerable to crowd control abilities, now that these abilities are mostly limited to tanks, Genji can roam more freely than ever.

Although Genji may receive some future nerfs or adjustments, his kit is perfectly suited to his playstyle. His agility and elusiveness make him a difficult target, even for experienced players. While he may be weak against beam weapons, which cannot be deflected, none of the heroes on this list use such weapons. It’s safe to say that Genji will always be a top-tier pick.

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