Aurelion Sol and Seraphine Bot Lane Is Insane

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

Ever since Aurelion Sol’s rework was introduced in League, players have been experimenting with him quite a lot. This is because his new kit has made him a formidable presence in any role he plays. A player recently posted a clip on Reddit that shows just how broken the champion can get when played in the bottom lane with an enchanter support who is equally hard to deal with.

The clip features Aurelion Sol and Seraphine hiding in the bottom lane brush near the enemy’s outer turret, waiting for Jhin and Zilean to venture too far out so they can burst them down with their abilities and ultimates. When the enemy duo finally overextends, they are hit with Seraphine’s ultimate, which charms them.

Aurelion Sol follows up by using his E skill, which stops them from escaping, while Seraphine continues casting abilities to deal more damage. The final blow is delivered by Aurelion Sol’s stacked ultimate, which causes a star to fall and annihilate the two enemy champions. The entire exchange takes just five seconds.

After the rework, Aurelion Sol has become a somewhat overpowered champion due to his new set of skills. When these skills are used together, he can deal an incredible amount of damage. His stacked ultimate can wipe out low-health champions in its path, sending a shockwave that travels halfway across the Summoner’s Rift.

Many League players reacted to this video by suggesting that the duo got what they deserved for wandering too close to the unwarded brush. “If you get hit by Seraphine’s R from that range, it’s your own fault,” one player remarked.

Another player admitted to playing Aurelion Sol in the bottom lane. “So… I’m not the only one who plays ASol ADC,” they said. Some players even hinted at the champion’s high win rate in the bottom lane due to his devastating burst damage output.

The video is proof of how overpowered the Star Forger champion can be in the game, despite the nerfs he received in the recent League Patch 13.3. The lesson to learn is to always stay vigilant when there’s an Aurelion Sol on the enemy team, or you might find yourself staring at a grey screen within seconds.

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