How can you learn and be a better player watching streams of high elo players

We all ask ourselves how to get better in League Of Legends sometimes, and the answer seems very obvious to us, “play more!” we say, but this is not the best method of improvement.

League of Legends is a very old game so players have been learning and developing new strategies and ways of playing since its very start. If we want to catch up to them, the best way is to learn from watching high elo streamers. Today we’ll share with you how to improve faster by watching high elo streams!

The most important thing in League of Legends is the early game, because if you lose every game, it’s gonna be much harder to win.

In lanes you should learn:

– Trade patterns in your matchups

– Farming well

– Good recalls

– Wave management


In jungle you should learn:

– Routes

– Enemy jungler route

– Which lanes are the easiest to gank

– If you and the enemy jungler gank the same lane, who is gonna win.


These things are the most important to take from high elo streams as solo queue in this game is very based on early game due to ragers and the current meta, by perfecting these skills you’re gonna be able to reach diamond level.

The best way to start watching high elo games and learn is to search for a matchup that you lost recently, for example, “Riven vs Darius challenger matchup” and then see how challenger players win against Darius playing Riven.

Decision making is the hardest thing to learn from watching high elo streams unless the streamer is explaining why he is making his decisions because the game is very complex and has millions of different scenarios. To learn this skill you can watch any challenger streamer that explains his decisions, even if he doesn’t play your champions, he will teach you something new.

Remember, improvement is not instant and you have to put effort in order to get rewarded!

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