Getting Unbanned from League of Legends

You will learn in this article the easiest way to have your League of Legends ban lifted, whether it was a mistake or you were banned for a valid reason.

The first question is whether or not your ban is indefinite. If it will only be a few weeks, then it’s probably not worth your time to try to fix it. If the ban is permanent, however, the likelihood of being unbanned depends on the cause for the restriction.

If you are banned that’s probably because you did something that is against Riot terms and conditions and you should always try to avoid that, respecting rules is always the way to go

If you were banned for scripting, it was probably for the best. If you were banned from League of Legends for scripting, your prospects of being unbanned are little to none. If you get banned for scripting in League of Legends, it doesn’t matter if it was an accident or if someone else was using your account; you will never be able to play the game again.

However, given that Riot is human and sometimes makes mistakes, there is a remote possibility of regaining access to your account if you were mistakenly banned. Make your case to their Player Support by contacting them.

Unbanning for using a third-party program that grants access to any skin or other function in the game is likewise extremely unlikely. In most cases, these programs alter League of Legends files despite the TOS, even if doing so has no impact on other players. Not only that, but Riot Games does not differentiate between scripting and the use of third-party software, and thus bans both equally.

If this is your first time being banned for toxic behavior, you stand a decent probability of having your ban lifted. It is impossible to get unbanned if you have been banned multiple times.

Either change your behavior to be less toxic, or guarantee Riot Games that you will, and your account suspension will be lifted.

Getting unbanned from an account after being banned for boosting is extremely challenging. If you get caught boosting, Riot Games will suspend your account for 14 days and warn you that further offenses will result in a permanent ban. If you continue doing something after Riot Games has given you fair warning, you are doing so at your own risk. It’s also difficult to challenge a ban for boosting.

If you’ve been banned from League of Legends for toxicity, like most of you probably were, you can get unbanned pretty easily. However, if you were banned for scripting, utilizing third-party services, or boosting, you’re out of luck. Don’t worry though; if you follow the steps below, you may be able to get your account unblocked.

Tricks to unban your account:

Get your account unbanned by visiting Riot Support. Just send them a few letters explaining your situation and asking nicely but not demandingly if they will consider helping you out. If you receive a negative response, the best course of action is to create a new account and avoid the behavior that resulted in the suspension in the first place.

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